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Pit Chamber
SG Power is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of FRP, HDPE, and PVC based range of Pit Chamber and Cover. This range is simple to install and maintain. The long life of these products is ensured by the rust free material used in the production.
Earthing Rods
SG Power is a producer of earthing rods, like copper bonded earthing rods and copper coated ground rods. These copper based rods are useful in structural earthing and excellent lightning protection. We also provide UL listed rods.
Earthing Compound
SG Power can meet your earthing compound requirements. As a manufacturer and supplier, we provide back fill earthing compound, and ground enhancing compound of quality unmatched. This compound works to lower soil resistivity.
Lightning Arrester
SG Power is a provider of lightening arrester, designed for protecting conductors and insulation of the telecommunication and electric power systems, against the damaging effects of lightning. This lightning diverter diverts the current from the surge to earth.
Valve Boxes
A wide range of Valve Boxes in different shapes, sizes and colors are offered in this category. Widely these boxes are used for watering and irrigation purposes. They do follow the easy installation processing and also known for their durability.
Water Meter Box
These finely made Water Meter Boxes find their applications in renovated or new buildings. Along with this these can also be used outside the building areas, such as parks, camp sites, etc.
Trefoil Clamps
Offered Trefoil Clamps are known for being used in high voltage single core cables, along with this these clamps are also said to find their applications for laying the single core cables.
Earthing Pit Cover
We are one of the best manufacturer and supplier of Earthing Pit Cover that are widely used in industrial as well as commercial applications to provide protection over the grounding pits. There are many different types of such components availed by us in customized size.
Earthing Inspection Cover
SG Power manufactures and supplies premium quality of Earthing Inspection Cover that are designed with high precision by using advanced production techniques. They are light in weight and has a sturdy design which ensures longer service life.