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Pit Chamber

As one of the leading supplier, manufacturers and distributors of Earth Pit Covers, SG Power has acquired recognition in the market. All the raw materials used by this organization are purchased from trustworthy sources to maintain standard quality of each of its products. Produced pit covers are acknowledged for their longevity, excellent toughness level and ability to endure heavy load.

Provided pit coverings are basically used to maintain hygienic environment and to cover earthing terminations. These are also required to verify and to register ground resistance data. Installation of these pit covers at construction sites helps to save construction charge. As a renowned manufacturer of HDPE Earth Pit Covers, we are dedicated to offer superior grade products at affordable charge.

Provided high density polypropylene (HDPE) fabricated pit coverings are conical in appearance and their bottom diameter is more than their top dimension. This specific shape promotes their secure fixing in soiled ground.


  • Simple fixing method
  • Corrosion protected
  • Eco friendly
  • UV proof/long lasting color
  • Simple to relocate


  • Automobile
  • Telecommunication
  • Bank
  • Power arena
  • Cement production

Special Attributes

  • These pit covers have been produced from quality approved raw materials.
  • These can endure severe chemicals.
  • Free from air or water penetration
  • Flame retardant by nature
  • These can endure heavy load.
  • These are preferred over their concrete made counterparts for their light weight and simple installation method.
  • These provide trouble free access to earthing electrode.

SG Power is engaged in manufacturing of

  • Earthing Pit Cover
  • Chemical Earth Pit
  • Earth Pit Cover
  • Polyplastic earth pit chamber
  • Hdpe Earth Pit Cover
  • Earth Inspection Chamber
  • Chemical Earth Pit Cover
  • Earth Pit Inspection Chamber
  • Earthing Chamber Cover
  • Earthing Inspection Chamber
  • Earthing Chamber
  • Chemical Earth Pit
  • Earth Inspection cover

Earth Pit cover manufacturer:

HDPE Earth Pit Cover is the outcome of our innovative technology. This pit covering has extensive applications in different industries for a number of reasons. This light weight pit cover can bear heavy load. Moreover, it can be shifted to other location easily. These are the main reasons why this HDPE product is preferred over its concrete or cast iron made counterparts.

SG Power is considered among one of the renowned Earth pit cover manufacturers who use finest grade HDPE. Significance is given on maintaining precision of molding process to avert all sorts of discrepancies. Molding quality of any pit cover determines its longevity and load enduring ability.

We offer Earth Pit Chambers in square and conical shape based options. These are offered in black and green colors. Special attributes of offered Earth pit covers have been included in the table below.


SG Power is reckoned as a quality conscious supplier, manufacturer and distributor of Plastic Earth Pit Covers. This organization has large client base in the market for its standard quality products. Provided pit cover is known for its high strength, long lasting quality and ability to endure considerable amount of load.

This organization offers three different sorts of plastic earth pit covers.

  • Square type: Diameter 300 mm x 300 mm ( Top)
  • Medium type: (round type) size 325 mm at bottom, 255 mm at top and 255 mm in height
  • Small Size Earth pit cover: size 250 mm height, 250 mm at bottom and 200 mm at top (round type)
  • Provided plastic earthing covers have been produced from standard grade HDPE material.
  • These conical shaped earthing covers are notable for their narrow top and wide bottom based design. This unique shape promotes their easy and secure fixing in ground and it becomes quite difficult to draw these from soil by mere pulling.

FRP Earth Pit

Plastic Earth Pit is basically used as protective covering for earthing electrodes to avoid damages caused by various atmospheric conditions. Utilization of Pit Covers proved to be advantageous in economically developed countries that include USA, UK and Japan. Recently, their usages have also been started in India as well.

Fiber reinforced plastic or FRP is reckoned for its high load withstanding ability. SG power produces resin enriched FRP cover which is less in weight and possess excellent toughness level. This covering can bear around 8 ton to 10 tons of load.

This organization is known for taking initiative in production of HDPE Earth Pit covers across in India. Usually, these plastic made earth pit covers can be accessed in square and conical shapes.

We offer four different versions of these pit covers that include:
  • 12 inch size, conical shape, 1.8 kg wt
  • Eight inch Size, conical shape , below 1 kg wt
  • 12 inch size, square shape, 1.8 kg wt.
  • Ten inch size, conical shape, 1.5 kg wt.
Provided FRP Pit Covers can be obtained in different sizes to meet different application needs of industrial and household works.

Advance Earthing Cover


  • Top Dia : 245mm
  • Bottom Dia : 325mm
  • Height : 280mm
Price: 150.00 - 850.00 INR/Piece

Earth Pit Chamber


  • Weight : 2500 gm
  • Diameter : 300
  • Capacity : 5 mt
  • Size : 300 x300
Price: 150.00 - 850.00 INR/Piece

Plastic Earth Pit Chamber


  • Top Dia : 300mm
  • Bottom Dia : 300mm
  • Height : 260mm
Price: 200.00 - 1200.00/Piece

Earthing Chamber Cover


  • Top Dia : 205mm
  • Bottom Dia : 245mm
  • Height : 270mm
Price: 150.00 - 850.00 INR/Piece

Earthing Pit Chamber Cover


  • Weight : 2000 grm
  • Usage/Application : Earthing cover
  • Capacity : 5 mt
Price: 150.00 - 850.00 INR/Piece

PVC Earth Pit Chamber


  • Top Dia : 245mm
  • Bottom Dia : 325mm
  • Height : 280mm
Price: 150.00 - 850.00 INR/Piece

HDPE Earth Pit Chamber

  • Supply Ability:1000 Per Day
  • Application:Industrial
  • Color:Green
  • Product Type:HDPE Earth Pit Chamber
Price: 150.00 - 850.00 INR/Piece

FRP Earth Pit Chamber

  • Supply Ability:1000 Per Day
  • Color:Black,Green
  • Product Type:FRP Earth Pit Chamber
  • Application:Industrial
Price: 150.00 - 850.00 INR/Piece

FRP Earthing Pit Chamber

  • Application:Industrial
  • Color:Black
  • Product Type:FRP Earthing Pit Chamber
  • Supply Ability:1000 Per Day
Price: 200.00 - 1200.00 INR/Piece

Chemical Earthing Pit Chamber

  • Product Type:Chemical Earthing Pit Chamber
  • Color:Black
  • Application:Industrial
  • Supply Ability:1000 Per Day
Price: 150.00 - 850.00 INR/Piece

Earth Chamber Cover

  • Supply Ability:1000 Per Day
  • Application:Industrial
  • Color:Black
  • Product Type:Earth Chamber Cover
Price: 150.00 - 850.00 INR/Piece